Every home receives water damage at a different level, and so we come with a different plan every time. At this part, only a professional can understand that which home needs what type of care and what should be the extent. Our services vary as per our clients, but they all fall in three specific categories: Interior, Exterior, and Emergency.

Interior Waterproofing Services

Interior automatically indicates waterproofing that your basement requires. Mainly, the basement and the inner side of your home like walls, rooftops, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms’ surfaces need waterproofing, and this falls into interior waterproofing.

Everyone wants to have a dry and clean basement as it is the foundation of your home. Leakages in the cellar mean your home is in trouble because in some way it weakens the base of your home and allows rodents inside.

There are other reasons too for that you should consider interior waterproofing:

  • If houses are closely built against each other
  • Wet soil that surrounds the home and that cannot be excavated, or it will collapse
  • Hydrostatic pressure can be the reason too

In all these cases we can help you using our best methods and years of experience. We will waterproof your entire home and the surroundings so your home will serve you as a genuinely waterproof residence for years.

Exterior Waterproofing Services

In this process, we waterproof the exteriors of your home. After getting done with the basement on the interior side, the time comes to seal the basement on the external side as well. It is the primary and more beneficial aspect of waterproofing as sealing it ensures no water will enter the basement from external sources or even if it rains.

This process also includes terminating any mildew or yeast invasion formed due to dampness. This way, we make the foundation strong that keeps the structure long lasting for years or even centuries. By hiring us for the exterior waterproofing, you will have a dry basement and absence of any mold and mildew.

An area suffers from the water leakage in different stages:

  • First, your basement walls form cracks and other similar signs
  • Water starts leaking from the foundation and enters bricks and mortar of your home
  • Rodents and other insects make their way, and you can easily notice them. It begins feeling damp on the surface.
  • In the last stage, these cracks get more visible, and even water starts appearing and form a small pool.

To get rid of all these issues, you need to choose a team of professionals wisely. Our experienced team works by checking for all the possible problems and start their work as per the issues. Waterproofers begin with draining the water and look for the leaks. Then cleaning up the debris and filling up the leakages take place before they apply the waterproof coatings.


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